My Year 2013

This year I've been producing stuff.
I make code work and I make art go, apart from the Tolva and Ting games I made everything below myself.
So with nothing further to say, here is my 2013 release list...oh and I'm looking for work.

I started the year with two commission jobs I can't publish (sadly).


ZX Plectrum, (android)
a port of the iOS version to android. Total rebuild in 'native' Java.


Caedere, (android)
a pop-up text adventure I made on my android device using Tasker (an automation app).
All writing, graphics, coding and publishing was done on a nexus 7.

paint easter eggs, (iOS)
35 illustrated pages, with my underlying paint mixing engine. The first painting (colouring)book of 2013 for iPad.


BabyLook range, (android) 
a port and redesign of the iOS version's to android (a rewrite in Unity).

BabyLook is a range of visual development aids for infants (0-4 months).

BabyLook faces

BabyLook tickle

BabyLook shapes

BabyLook spots

BabyLook grow

BabyLook blocks

BabyLook strings

BabyLook peekaboo


I made a website (finally) for myself!


PooBarr the pooping bear, (iOS)
a young children's interactive book about the importance of diet and its effects on your body...and poo.


Not much done this month, but I did make a virtual ribbon for the opening of the Creative Exchange studio space in Edinburgh.
Here is a vine of it playing through:


A.R.H.M.G. (A Really Hard Maze Game)
A pacman clone where you can edit and share mazes on twitter.

(on iOS, Android, web, OSX, Win)


paint code, (iOS)
a painting book introduction to the basics of computer programming for wee kids.
24 illustrated pages.


paint monsters, (iOS)
another one of my painting book's but this time with spooky monsters!
24 illustrated pages.


Tolva and Ting, (iOS)
a range of fun educational games for iOS (android coming soon) based in an animated world thats a cross between Tron and Pocoyo.

Tolva and Ting's Ting Toy

Tolva and Ting's Moods

Tolva and Ting's Shapes

Tolva and Ting's Count me

Tolva and Ting's Guide

paint abc's, (iOS)
a painting book introduction to the alphabet for wee kids.
26 illustrated pages.

paint 123's, (iOS)
a painting book introduction to numbers and sum's for wee kids.
20 illustrated pages.

Oh, and I've just finished an html5(mobile compliant) game.
Cant really put it on the list because it's being released in early January 2014,
but thought I'd mention it anyway.

So that was my year of making things,
22 in all not counting updates (really really don't want to count that).
There're a few favours and little projects I've left out, thought it would be best just to mention the commercial stuff.
I'm Dave, I have many hats, I make product and I'm looking for work (preferably in games).